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Radiation therapy for the treatment of cancer involves several stages of planning before a patient actually receives radiation doses on the Linear Accelerator machine or in the case of prostate brachytherapy, before the implantation of radioactive seeds. Below are equipment used in the planning and treatment of cancer patients at the Radiation Oncology Centre of Jamaica. The equipment used for the treatment of cancer in Jamaica at ROCJ is on par with similar centres in more developed countries. We consistently update our equipment in order to keep pace with changing technologies.

The Multi-Slice CT Scanner
provides cross-sectional images for treatment planning and enables virtual simulation for 3-D conformal treatment on the planning computer


The Simulator
enables the team to visualize and determine the exact area of interest for treatment and is also used for verification of treatment plans.


The Eclipse Planning System
is used for comprehensive planning of all cancer treatments including 3-D and IMRT treatments and the computation of radiation dose to target organs and surrounding tissue.


The Brachytherapy Unit
is used for the implantation of Radioactive Iodine 125 Seeds for the treatment of prostate cancer. The procedure is performed under the guidance of ultrasound and x-ray fluoroscopy.


The Superficial Radiation Unit
Is used for the treatment of keloids, skin cancer and surgical scars


The Linear Accelerator
is the primary treatment unit used for External Beam Radiation Therapy.

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Did you know?

What is Simulation? - This is the first step in preparing the patient for External Beam Radiation on the Linear Accelerator...