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At the Radiation Oncology Centre of Jamaica – ROCJ, Jamaica’s modern cancer treatment centre, we are committed to the welfare and quality of life of our patients. Our staff members are highly trained professionals utilizing modern technology to offer radiation treatment services for almost all types of cancer and some non-cancerous conditions. In addition ROCJ is located in a medical complex offering modern diagnostic and other complimentary medical services.

ROCJ was founded by Dr. Winston (Freddie) Clarke, a radiologist and Dr. Collie Miller a medical physicist. The Centre opened in the year 2001 and at the time was the only facility of its kind in the English Speaking Caribbean. The philosophy of the founders was that Jamaicans deserved the best radiotherapy available at competitive prices, without having to travel overseas for treatment. Therefore the centre endeavours to consistently update its equipment, in order to keep pace with changing technologies.

The sophisticated equipment at ROCJ enables the Centre’s team of qualified professionals to deliver cancer treatments at a level of accuracy and precision consistent with international standards. Additionally, with the level of technology available, this facility has the potential for research and to engage in the training of persons in the field of Radiation Oncology.

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Suite #3, 1 Ripon Road
Kingston 5, Jamaica
Tel: (876) 920-1823, (876) 920-8404, (876) 960-0975
Fax: (876) 960-1359
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Did you know?

What is prostate cancer? - Cancer is a disease characterized by the un-controlled growth and potential spread of abnormal (malignant) cells.